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I have finished this course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The work my instructors put in with me was wonderful. They helped me when I needed it and were easily accessible. My Thankfulness and gratitude is beyond words to all those who work for Brighton College. But My Instructors, Sean Dixon and Anna Moody stand out to me, they worked hard with me in order for me to complete my course. I am one of many students but they always helped me whenever I needed it. My thanks go out to them for their Support they have given to me. 

T.M. Graduate Home Inspection Certificate May 22, 2020

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After recently completing my first class with Brighton College, I have nothing but good things to say about Brighton. The class I completed was very informative and helped to give me a grasp of what to expect in future classes. I was a little worried about navigating the online classes since I have been out of school for a few years. However, the course was very easy to navigate and very self-explanatory. Any questions that I did have my professor Mr. Justin Washburn was quick to respond and proved to be very helpful. Mr. Washburn was very timely in grading assignments and giving feedback. Mr. Sean Dixon has done a fantastic job in guiding me through the GI Bill process. He is available all the time for my questions. I am sure I am one of his most “needy” veterans, due to the fact I ask 100s of questions but he always has a quick response and never shows any frustration. The man knows his stuff and should be given a raise ASAP.

Zachary K. Home Inspection Certificate October 6, 2017

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Thank you Brighton College! I am getting a little more confidence as I plug along and I am loving my class! I am learning so much! This is my first time ever with online classes and I appreciate the support and patience from my instructors. Thank you for the GREAT support

Colleen S. Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate October 2, 2017

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