More Affordable Tuition. More Successful Students.

cap-tuition-sWe’ve all heard the horror stories. Massive student debt. Ultra-competitive job markets. Hidden fees and expenses.

The Brighton College Difference

At Brighton, we’re a school that puts students first. We see students every day struggling to afford their education, and we’re making a change for the better. How? By offering more affordable tuition, and more proactive success training. It’s all part of the Brighton College Affordability Initiative.

How Brighton College’s Affordability Initiative Helps Students 

  • Our offering AFFORDABLE tuition as low as $125 per credit.
  • We’re INCLUDING all textbooks and materials as part of your curriculum for all degree, diploma and certificate programs at no additional charge.
  • We’re PROVIDING custom assessments to ensure your program is a good fit for YOU.
  • We’re ADDING one-on-one faculty mentors and success coaches. 

Brighton College is setting out to change higher education and meet that need for high value/low cost education opportunities! Join us. Complete the form to request more information to see just how affordable your degree really is.