Program Overview

Course Overview

The Network+ course is an elite training program that prepares students to become Network+ certified. Students of CompTIA Network+ courseware will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, and basic design principles. The CompTIA Network+ certification course will provide students with the ability to effectively learn real-world concepts and skills to help launch or enhance a networking career. Network+ is the next step in an IT certification pathway after the A+ certification. Network+ certified employees earn 11% more than those with the A+ certification alone.


Network+ courseware with approximately 17 hours of instructive video, interactive labs, pre-tests/post-tests, and online student workbook. Students will also have access to virtual machine simulators and Net+ textbooks. Exam voucher for the N10-006 exam. We will also include our education coaching.

Median Salary in 2014

  • $66,760 per year


A+ is a prerequisite, also consider adding the Security+ certification to this one as it is the next logical step in the IT career path.

Course Outline

What courses will I take?

The following courses are included in the CompTIA Network + Certificate program. You will progress through the program through a series of detailed and engaging video lessons and assessments through the OnlineExpert platform from LearnKey. The CompTIA Network + single track program has a total of 10 credits.

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
TCH 110
Computer Industry Association Network Certificate+ Part I 5 Credit Hours
The CompTIA Network+ certification is an internationally recognized IT standard and is the logical next step after the associated A+ certification.
TCH 210
Computer Industry Association Network Certificate+ Part II
5 Credit Hours
This course further expands the student’s knowledge of network technologies, installation and configuration, media and topologies, management, and security related to the associated standard. Prerequisite: TCH110.

Tuition & Fees

Payment Plans

The total price for the Brighton College CompTIA Certificate is $2,050.

Total Tuition $1,950
Enrollment Fee $100
Total Sales Price $2,050

All academic and financial obligations to the school must be made prior to release of final transcripts and diploma. For full admission requirements visit: Admission Procedures.

  • Full Payment Plan: Pay in full for a total program price of of $1,750. Save $300!
  • Private Student Loan: Finance your education with low down payments and customized terms!

Financial Assistance

The programs at Brighton College are approved for Veterans benefits. Brighton College also works with many employers’ Tuition Reimbursement programs as well as various Workforce Development and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. To find out if you qualify for these programs, call our office at 1-800-354-1254 for more information.


Change of Program $50
Additional Transcript $10
Late Payment $25
Returned Check / Declined Credit Card $25
Academic Extension* $500
Re-Admission Fee $200

Textbooks and Materials

All textbooks and learning materials are provided for students in the CompTIA program. Ebooks will be utilized when available. Courses are taken one at a time, and textbooks and materials are delivered as new courses are released to the student.

Career Services

Brighton College is dedicated to assisting you with your job search. Below are just a few ways we work to ensure that as a graduate you are positioned to take the next step toward achieving your career goals.

Specialized Career Course

As a Brighton College graduate, you will have the option to take a course that focuses on career information and prepares you for your job search. Learn important skills such as networking, career management, and building interpersonal relationships.

One-On-One Cover Letter Assistance

You will learn how to build and design effective cover letters and follow-up letters. In addition, we will show specific examples.

Interview Preparation

You will learn interview techniques and tips on how to answer the most commonly asked questions.