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06 Jul

  • By Sam Fernandez
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Should You Finish Quickly or Efficiently?

As a teenager it was an overwhelming task when my mom would tell me I could hang out with my friends only after I would clean my room. If you were anything like me as a teen (or any other typical teen) then your room looked like it should be on the list of places a tornado devastatingly tore through. Trust me, I used that excuse for the state of my room to my mom and for some reason got no sympathy. She would tell me, “Cinch by the inch.” I would start in one corner and not move on until that corner was completely clean. This approach stayed with me in most things I have done in my life, including getting my college education.

Cinch by the inch.

I took one class at a time until my certification was complete. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t it take you forever?! I come across that question more than any other with this approach. My answer? No. Here are the reasons why a course by course approach can be extremely beneficial — And I’ll go ahead and add into the list why choosing an online school can benefit you as well, because my mom also taught me that the more you give the more you get in return! — If I give you more great advice I get more readers…no?

  • Course by course allows you to focus on one class at a time. You get more out of that class because your mind isn’t crammed with two or three other subjects simultaneously. With all of your focus on that one class you are more likely to get a better grade. By making it an online course you can focus on this class when the time is convenient for you and your schedule.
  • Most colleges set up their programs so that the second class you take is relevant to the first one you took, the third is relevant to the second you took, and so on. This can give you a better understanding of the class you are working on. Once you are done with each class, that previous class will benefit the following class.
  • You can take the classes at your own pace. If you bang out a class a month then you will be done in no time! However, if you are working full time, a parent, a working parent, or even just work at a slower pace naturally then having one class to focus on will relieve some of the pressures of assignment deadlines. I reiterate that by doing this online will allow you to do these assignments when you are able to.
  • Online benefit: There is no time limit to when you have to graduate! In high school it’s usually frowned upon if you don’t graduate in four years. However, in college no one cares how long it takes you! Your slow pace may be what works for you and an online school is very supportive of that. If you work at a quicker pace then an online school won’t withhold your next class until the next semester. You determine your graduation pace.

When I was asked did it take me forever to finish my certification with a course by course approach I didn’t just answer with a “no.”  I would say that time spent on education is never a waste of time. Going to college is a big decision. Why would I want to rush through and not give it my all?  If you put the time and quality into your education then you will come out with a better quality of job prospects. Most jobs won’t even glance at a low GPA resume.  Don’t be that person that finished the fastest just to say you’re first.  If we are talking about a hot dog eating contest then finishing fastest will get you the win.  In school that’s not quite the case.  Take your time and get it done right.

Cinch by the inch.

Rachel G.

Military Spouse Education Advocate