Why Choose Brighton College Allied Health Institute?

Healthcare is growing at a rate higher than many other industries and offers diverse career options. There are over five million healthcare providers in the United States alone. This number is anticipated to grow from 15.6 million to 19.8 million between 2010 and 2020.  Allied health programs at Brighton College teach students the skills needed to succeed in their chosen field while enjoying what they do, learning by doing, and making a difference in the lives of others.

Allied Health Institute @ Brighton College Principles and Concepts Explored

  • Electronic medical records tracking
  • Prepare students to assume various roles within their industry
  • Enhance the use of ethical practices in delivery of health services
  • Use technology to complete job requirements and promote efficiency
  • Communicate actively with patients, coworkers, managers, and the community of health practitioners

Associate Degree in Health Services Management

The Associate Degree in Health Services Management prepares graduates to work in a specific department of management, such as patient records, coding and billing, or alongside more experienced personnel with advanced degrees. The general education courses include the fundamental academic disciplines of English, Interpersonal Communications, American History, Mathematics, and Psychology. These courses teach effective communication with clients, colleagues, agencies and the community in their roles as health practitioners and administrators.

All health services programs at Brighton College have an emphasis on electronic medical records in keeping up with the demand of hospitals and doctors investing in the safety of their patients and care practices of their clinicians through the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR).

Health Sciences Certificate Programs

Designed to prepare students with the academic knowledge and necessary skills to prosper in entry-level positions in the healthcare environment, Brighton College offers the following programs in Health Sciences:

Medical Office Specialist

Medical Records Technician Certificate

Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Medical Coding & Billing Certificate

The above-mentioned programs are not degree level programs. The courses completed within the certificate programs earn college credit and may be eligible to transfer into the associate degree programs at Brighton College.

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Employability Resource Center

Throughout the student life-cycle, students will be introduced to our Employability Resource Center, which gives you access to Employability Resources. This center will prepare you with the skills needed to take your career to a new level.

Your Employability is Our #1 Goal!

In the Employability Resource Center, you will develop your professional cover letter, resume, and explore job search tools and tips to market yourself and have the career of your dreams!