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07 Sep

Need a New Job


Review this list and see how many of these top signs you need a new job  which can be apply to you. It may be time to find a new career.

  1. You are already thinking about a new job. If you’ve already been mulling over the thought of leaving your job, chances are, it’s for a good reason.


  1. Fantasizing about retirement. Don’t spend your professional life in count-down mode. Take that feeling and use it as motivation to find a satisfying.

  1. Your conversations are dominated by complaints about work.If every conversation involves negative about your day at work, it might be time to find a job.

  1. You have difficulty sleeping, or you wake up worrying about your job.Sleep is very important to your health, and job-induced stress can be a cause of poor sleep.

  1. You have headaches, frequent colds, or other physical symptoms of stress. If you’re feeling generally sick more often, your job might be to blame.

  1. Increased consumption of alcohol or drugs to escape your problems. You need alcohol, drugs or cigarettes to cope with work, you should re-evaluate your job.

  1. Your appetite is suppressed or you are binging more than usual.Stress can also cause you to lose your appetite overall.

  1. You dread Mondays or you have trouble waking up for work in the morning.  You shouldn’t feel a pit in your stomach or severe anxiety every morning.


  1. You are less productive at work, lack passion and are bored more often.If you’re bored with every task, you might need to look for a more stimulating job.


  1. You are arguing more often with co-workers or bosses.  If your dissatisfaction is causing tension in the office, it’s definitely time to start looking for a new position.

It’s better to leave a job on good terms so you can keep your past employer as a source for recommendations and as a network connection.

These signs can be due to other issues but if you are experiencing several of these symptoms then you certainly need to reevaluate your employment situation.

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