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31 Aug

Temp Agencies

Finding a job, whether it’s part-time while you’re taking classes or your first position in your field after graduation, can be challenging. One option for finding a desirable position is to search with a temp agency. These organizations help match employers with qualified workers. While the available positions are temporary, there are several advantages to using a staffing agency. It’s a way to obtain work quickly when you’re in need of funds. It’s also a strategic method for gaining experience in your field. Some temp jobs may even get your foot in the door for a permanent position down the line. Let’s take a look at five of the best temp agencies to consider.


When you’re looking for the best job placement agencies, Adecco is a trusted name in the industry. It was formed in 1996, through a merger of the agencies, Adia and Ecco. With over 2500 branches worldwide, Adecco is one of the largest firms around. Because of its size and reputation, Adecco has been able to partner with some of the top companies in the world. So, if you’re looking to work for a well-known corporation, this may be one of the best temp agencies to pursue.


Manpower has been around since 1948. Workers appreciate the online training and career development opportunities offered through Manpower and its associated companies Elan, Jefferson Wells, Manpower Professional and Right Management. Manpower also has a Global Learning Center that offers a variety of courses in business and IT. So if you appreciate opportunities for advanced learning, Manpower may be the choice for you.

Kelly Services

Another long-term player in the world of temporary job placement is Kelly Services, founded by William Russel Kelly in 1946. This firm started with workers performing jobson-site at Kelly’s offices. When clients asked for the workers to come to them, temping as we know it was born. Kelly is a Fortune 500 company that’s acquired an excellent reputation. Kelly offers a number of advantages, including continuing education in certain professions, online training and innovative recruiting and retention initiatives.


Spherion is another long-term player in the world of temp agencies. They emerged in 1946 and soon developed the mission to “connect the right employee with the right business at the right time.” Today Spherion serves North America and Canada, and their locations are mostly owned by franchises. Spherion offers e-learning that focuses on business, technology and professional skills. The firm offers a variety of associated companies like Technisource, The Mergis Group and Workforce Management Solutions. Thus, positions across a number of industries are available.


StaffPointe is another of the best job placement agencies in that it offers a unique position in that it maintains a network of affiliations with over 100 staffing agencies across the U.S. While positions are geared primarily toward the healthcare industry, StaffPointe’s network enables candidates to find unique and specialized jobs that other agencies are unlikely to offer. The firm also places financial and technical professionals.

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