Brighton College is making Tuition Truly Affordable


With more than 92 million Americans out of work — more than any other time in our nation’s history — the need for higher education and marketable skills is more important than ever. Over the years, tuition costs have skyrocketed and placed higher education out of reach for many Americans. However, Brighton College has now launched an initiative to make higher education affordable again.


Brighton College, an accredited and accelerated distance learning institution, is proud to present our “Affordability Initiative” that places our tuition rate among the most affordable for all associate degree programs at $125 per credit hour — a fraction of the tuition rate charged by most other universities and colleges!

We also offer three affordable college tuition payment plans including our Debt-Free plan designed for students to graduate without the long term debt compiled at most universities and colleges. Call 1-800-354-1254 for more information.

Brighton College among Arizona’s MOST affordable tuition option!

College/University Yearly Tuition Cost* Cost per credit hour** Includes Books & Materials Additional Fees
Arizona State University $14,700 $490 and up No Yes
Grand Canyon University $10,650 $355 and up No  Yes
Northern Arizona State University $11,280 $376 No  Yes
University Of Phoenix $12,300 $410 No  Yes
Brighton College $3,750 $125  YES  NO

* Yearly Tuition based on 30 credits. Brighton College includes all eBooks and materials. Textbooks and Fees are additional for other schools mentioned.
**All tuition taken directly from university/college Tuition & Fees web site on 2/29/2016.