24 Jul


A vision board is a collection of images (photographs, sketches, paintings, pictures from magazines, etc.) typically displayed on a bulletin board or poster as a visual representation of your dreams and ambitions for the future.

The purpose of creating a vision board for yourself is to serve as a creative, daily reminder of the goals you wish to attain by realizing the power of visualization.

According to social scientist Frank Niles, Ph.D., via the Huffington Post, “Before we can believe in a goal, we first must have an idea of what it looks like.”

Your board can be used as a motivational tool every day, keeping you on track by reminding you of what’s important to you and what you’re working towards.

Your vision board can also help guide your decisions. When new opportunities are presented you can ask yourself if they align with your vision. If they don’t, you may decide to decline the opportunity or activity to pursue others that do.

Types of vision boards

There are several types of vision boards. The most common is a scrapbook-style board with personal photos, words, images and phrases cut out of magazines. You can use stickers, trinkets, paint, and other decorations to make the board visually appealing. You can even frame your vision board and hang it on the wall.

If you want something smaller or more portable, your vision board can also be created as a Pinterest board, a screen saver or desktop background, a drawing, or any kind of word/photo collage you prefer.

Questions to guide your vision board

Ask yourself these questions as you choose the images, words, and phrases that represent your vision for your work and your life.

  1. What do you want to create in your work and your life?
  2. What images, phrases, and words represent the career / life you desire?
  3. Where do you see yourself when you think of your perfect career or your ideal life?
  4. When you imagine creating your desired career / life, how do you feel?
  5. What do you like to do in your spare time (outside of your career)?
  6. What will it take to create the career / life you desire?
  7. How will the process of creating your desired career / life change you?

Take time to create

  • Cut out photos and inspirational phrases from magazines. Look for pictures of people doing activities you find enjoyable and pictures that represent the type of work environments or companies you find appealing.
  • Collect personal photographs, motivational quotes and sayings, pieces of art, and trinkets. Any item that inspires you and helps you envision your ideal career / life will be perfect!
  • Arrange the images on your board. You might want to group the images into categories representing various aspects of your career or ideal work life.  For example, one section of your board might contain images and items that show the type of career or life you dream of. Another corner might have images and items that show the types of people you want to work with or be around. And yet another area can be where you illustrate the benefits you look forward to enjoying as part of your personal and professional growth.
  • Once the items and photos are in place, write in additional words or phrases that relate to your career and personal goals.

The last step in creating your vision board is to find a space to keep or hang it in. This is preferably a space where you spend a good amount of time, such as at your desk, to ensure that you see your vision board every day.

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