14 Aug

Take Your Learning Outside »

One of the main benefits of taking online courses is the flexibility to do your work whenever you wish, wherever you are.

07 Aug

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs »

A true entrepreneur identifies a need or problem area and sets out to solve it.

31 Jul

Going Green: By the Numbers »

There are plenty of reasons to go green—landfill issues, greenhouse gases, concerns about air and water pollution, and damage to the ozone layer are just a few.

24 Jul

Creating a Vision Board »

A vision board is a collection of images (photographs, sketches, paintings, pictures from magazines, etc.

14 Jul

Being Successful as a Distance Learner »

Many students are turning to online education because of the wealth of advantages it provides; including cost-effectiveness, convenience, flexibility, and the ability to offer a wide variety

25 Apr

Spotlight: Brighton College Curriculum team take one! »

This week we are proud and excited to spotlight another team member of Brighton College/The Paralegal Institute, Gilda Rada who has embraced our “Why” on Improving Employability Every Da

20 Apr

Spotlight: Brighton College leadership team take two! »

In our series of sharing some of the exciting new additions to our leadership team, this week we are excited to spotlight Sean Dixon who recently celebrated his one year anniversary at Brigh

12 Apr

Spotlight: Brighton College Leadership Team »

Great schools are run by great people and we value our talented leadership team. Therefore, we are excited to share key team members of our team at Brighton College.

02 Mar

Welcome New Faculty Members to Brighton College »

In our never ending quest to have the best faculty team on the planet, please join us in welcoming four (4) key new additions to the Brighton faculty team:
Gilda Rada, a current Brighton ins

23 Feb

Take our Free Employability Talent Assessment! »

Are you maximizing your natural talents? Would you like to learn how this can help you in your quest to gain or improve your employability potential?
Brighton College is pleased to offer eL