Associate Degree in Health Services Management

allied-health-programsThe Associate Degree in Health Services Management prepares graduates to work in a specific department of management, such as patient records, coding, or billing, alongside more experienced personnel with advanced degrees. The general education courses include the fundamental academic disciplines of English, Interpersonal Communications, American History, Mathematics, and Psychology.

All of the health services programs at Brighton College have an emphasis on electronic medical records in keeping up with the demand of hospitals and doctors investing in the safety of their patients and care practices of their clinicians through the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR).

Health Sciences Certificate Programs

Designed to prepare students with the academic knowledge and necessary skills to prosper in entry-level positions in the healthcare environment, Brighton College offers the following programs in Health Sciences:

The above mentioned programs are not degree level programs. The courses completed within the certificate programs earn college credit and may be eligible to transfer into the associate degree programs at Brighton College.