Course Overview

The Fundamentals of Digital Literacy will teach students how to effectively use software, devises, and the internet with others while learning how to discover, use, and create information. The Fundamentals of Digital Literacy prepares the student with digital literacy and core computing skills which are vastly used in every job setting.


  • No materials required for the course. 



Required Software

  • No materials required for the course. 


Payment Plans

The total price for the Fundamentals of Digital Literacy Certificate is $650.00

Total Tuition $550.00
Resource Fee $100.00
Total Sales Price $650.00
  • Full Payment: Pay in full for a total cost of $650.00!

All academic and financial obligations to the school must be made prior to release of final transcripts and diploma. For full admission requirements visit Admission Procedures.

Financial Assistance

Brighton College works with many employers’ Tuition Reimbursement programs as well as various Workforce Development and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. To find out if you qualify for these programs, call our office at 1.800.354.1254 for more information.


Change of Program $50
Additional Transcript $10
Late Payment $25
Returned Check / Declined Credit Card $25
Academic Extension* $500
Re-Admission Fee $200

Textbooks (updating)

The course does not require any textbooks. 


Employability Resource Center

Through your student life-cycle, you will be introduced to our Employability Resource Center, which will give you access to Employability Resources. Our course can prepare you with the skills needed to help you start your new career.

Your Employability in a New Career is Our #1 Goal!

In this course, you will develop your professional cover letter, resume, and explore job search tools and tips so that you are ready to market yourself and enter your career!