Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Everyday objects are connected to the internet—tracking user interaction and transmitting unseen data. Keeping data protected is becoming more and more vital to the daily function of our lives. Hardly a day goes by when news of a data breach isn’t broadcast in the media. From credit bureaus and banks to email providers and movie studios, anything that collects and uses data is subject to hacking and theft. How do we prevent the misuse of this data?!

One word: cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing, competitive field in today’s technology-centric world. This is where you come in as a student at Brighton College Cybersecurity Institute (BCCI). BCCI will put you on the road to success in this exciting and challenging field.

Why choose Brighton College Cybersecurity Institute?

  • Real-world experience
  • Start with a project, end with a portfolio
  • Additional learning materials—basic programming (HTML/Java) and communication skills

Whether you are new to cybersecurity or have some experience, we have a program for you!

Brighton College Cybersecurity Institute uses high-quality online tools—hallmarks of the Brighton advantage—designed to give you the skills you need to succeed:

  • HD video-based instructor-led training
  • Practical application labs
  • Access to one-on-one instruction
  • Peer interaction

Under a growing threat of global cyber warfare and industrial espionage, the U.S. Department of Defense created new regulations that set forth a series of baseline certifications required for individuals who have privileged access to any government network. The programs at Brighton College Cybersecurity Institute are of the highest caliber and were designed in direct response to the new DoD regulations.

Certificates offered by Brighton College Cybersecurity Institute:

EC-Council & UAT partnerships

EC Council University partners with Brighton College for its 2+2 programs. Students spend their first two years enrolled in online courses at Brighton College or The Paralegal Institute and then are able to transfer to the EC Council University to finish their bachelor’s degree.

Brighton College enables students to limit the costs of their first two years of college and either stay at home or continue a previous career while earning their associate’s degree.

Brighton College has an articulation agreement with the University of Advancing Technology (UAT). UAT will accept any IT Certifications completed at Brighton College into their bachelor degrees.

For more information, call 1-800-354-1254 or request information.

Employability Resource Center

Through your student life-cycle, you will be introduced to our Employability Resource Center, which will give you  access to Employability Resources. Our course can prepare you with the skills needed to help you start your new career.

Your employability in a new career is our #1 goal!

In this course, you will develop your professional cover letter, resume, and explore job search tools and tips so that you are ready to market yourself and enter your career!