14 Jul

Many students are turning to online education because of the wealth of advantages it provides; including cost-effectiveness, convenience, flexibility, and the ability to offer a wide variety of courses to the student. For the learner, online education provides all of the above benefits, including the freedom to build a personalized schedule and plan around other commitments, including family, work and home-life.

To make the online learning experience as successful as possible, it’s important for you to do a bit of preparation. Two initial suggestions are to create a good study zone and to take the time to lay out your plans and goals for the courses you are enrolled in.

  • Setting aside a good study area that’s comfortable, but not too cozy, prepares your mind to get into focus mode. Although you can select anywhere as your study area, a secluded area away from distractions is often best.
  • Creating a schedule and laying out a plan allows you to stay on track and ahead of the game. Many people accomplish their goals when they can see a set timeline in front of them. With schedules and clear objectives, one is often more determined and dedicated to reaching them. Take the time to write out your schedule and goals. You’ll see how easy and achievable they are when you have a plan!

Once you have your study area, your schedule, and your plan for success; taking a few more steps will make it easier to reach your goals. These steps include making plans for avoiding distractions, scheduling and taking breaks, and rewarding yourself along the way.

  • Even if you are in a secluded area, technology can pose a variety of distractions. Avoid these by silencing your phone, logging off all social media accounts and turning off all other electronic devices. Another way to avoid interruptions is selecting a time of the day that you are least likely to be bothered by family or job duties.
  • Taking breaks and rewarding yourself for tasks completed can help online courses seem fun and the study tasks more manageable. If you are feeling tired or just can’t seem to focus, take a small break. This allows your brain to rest and refresh for when you return. Also, make sure to reward yourself. When you meet your goal (whether that is finishing an assignment, chapter, course, quiz, or exam) celebrate because you are one step closer to completing your online course.

With the right preparation and dedication, you will be able to complete your online course successfully and meet all your learning needs.